The school's playground consists of play structures and tetherball, basketball and wall ball courts.

Lunch Court Rules

  1. Stay in your seat until dismissed.
  2. Ask permission before leaving the lunch court area (i.e., bathroom, classroom, etc.).
  3. No tossing or throwing food.
  4. Do not switch tables.
  5. Throw away all of your trash and stack your tray.
  6. Recycle
  7. No talking and hand up when signal is on.

Playground Rules

  1. No kicking the balls on the playground, unless playing soccer.
  2. No playing in or around bathroom areas.
  3. No playing wall ball or bouncing balls against the buildings.
  4. Students must freeze and take a knee when bell rings.
  5. Place balls in ball cages; do not throw them in.
  6. Do not run in unsafe areas (i.e., lunch court, bathroom areas, etc.).
  7. No chasing, tag or dodgeball games.
  8. Be responsible for picking up after yourself (i.e., equipment, etc.).
  9. Playground balls must stay in the ball areas and away from the play structures.
  10. No food, drinks or lunch bags on the playground.


  1. No hanging on the ball or sitting on the rope.
  2. Make sure the ball-playing area is clear of other students before you start playing.

Play Structure

  1. No jumping or hanging over the sides or the tops of slides.
  2. Move in one direction on the bars.
  3. No standing on the bars.
  4. Keep feet on structure platforms.
  5. No running on or around structures.
  6. No running or pushing.
  7. Feet first down the slides.
  8. No running up the slides.
  9. No running on the green mats


Students may only play on the structures during school hours (e.g., recess, lunch play or P.E.)

For their safety, students may not play on the structures at any other time (e.g., before or after school or at any event after school hours.)


  1. No hanging on the rim or net.
  2. Only half court games with safe numbers per team (4-5).
  3. No physical contact with other players.
  4. Players must call foul when needed.

Wall Ball

  1. Follow the wall ball rules. Rules are posted on each wall ball court.
  2. Majority votes rule. For disagreements on voting, see noon duty or conflict managers.
  3. Do not interfere with a game.
  4. Only play in courts appropriate to your skill level.
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